6 Ways Property Management Gets Easier with Online Document Apps

Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 09:00AM

Property management is a complex balancing act between the owner, the property, and the tenants who live there. Officially you're in charge of taking care of the property but in reality, you are also responsible for acquiring and managing tenants, keeping the property maintained, and working with the client owners to get important or financial decisions approved. Between the inspections, work orders, and being a de-facto landlord, this can stack up an impressive amount of paperwork that must all be organized, tracked, and quickly referenced should they be needed for anything later on. Handling all these documents can take up hours of your time every week, especially if you're still working with physical paperwork or a simple personal files system. Either way, your job could be a lot easier simply by taking advantage of one of many available online document management apps, sometimes called a DMS (document management system).

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