10 Things Every Tenant Should Look For in a Lease

Thursday, January 07, 2021 - 05:31PM

Renting a home requires some attention and good decision-making. It's not just about finding the right house, but also the right lease. The policies of your lease will indicate both the attitude of your property manager and the policies you will be legally required to adhere to as a tenant. Most leases are boilerplate, defining the rent, expiration date, and basic tenant-landlord responsibilities. However, it is always important to read and understand any contract you are about to sign - especially when it relates to your housing.

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Tips for Tenants on Dealing with Difficult Neighbors

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 12:00AM

When you're renting a property in a new neighborhood, it's important to understand that many of your neighbors probably aren't fellow renters. If you think someone's treating you with unreasonable hostility, it's entirely possible that they have had a bad experience with someone who lived in the property before you and are anticipating more trouble from you. While this may seem prejudiced, remember that it can be hard for home owners who live next to someone's investment property to accept the revolving door of renting neighbors. The best way for tenants to deal with difficult neighbors is to be friendly and understanding. Know where you can make a difference and when it's best to give someone their space.

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How to Hang Pictures and Shelves without Punching a Single Hole

Friday, June 29, 2018 - 06:30AM

When you rent a residence, it's not just some place that belongs to someone else, it's your home. You live there and naturally want to surround yourself with all the homey touches you love. Pictures of friends and family, achievement plaques and trophies, and heirlooms you inhereited from your parents and grandparents all deserve a place of honor on your walls. But what if your lease makes it clear that they don't want you punching holes? To hang some of these things, or artfully placed shelves to hold them, often the only way to achieve this is with a sizable nail. If you don't want to spend your last week in this house or apartment filling in holes with putty and trying to touch up the paint around them, there's no need to leave your keepsakes boxed up and out of sight. It's time to find an alternative.

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10 Things Every Renter Needs to Know About Their Lease

Monday, June 18, 2018 - 06:30AM

Whether you're still house-hunting or have just moved into your new place, the central connection between any renter and their landlord is the lease. The terms of the lease are contractually binding, meaning that once both of you sign it, you are both obligated to uphold whatever's written inside. You may think you know everything about being a renter and have seen every boiler-plate lease on the market, but when it comes to contracts, never ever assume. You never know if this landlord has customized their lease, and it's important to know what you have actually agreed to. Here are the top ten things every renter should look for in their lease agreement.

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More Tips For Moving Into an Apartment

Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 11:00AM

Moving is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you are moving into your first apartment or moving from one to another, it can be quite difficult. Many times, you never realize how many things you own until you start putting them into boxes. When you plan to relocate,you should always make a plan and start as soon as you possibly can.

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How to Minimize Your Dog's Impact on a Rental Property

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 11:21AM

When you love your dog, you wouldn't dream of ditching them for a new rental property that isn't pet-friendly. As a responsible tenant and pet owner, you always make sure to find a new place with a reasonable pet agreement in the lease and you're more than willing to pay an extra deposit promising you and your dog will treat the property well. But what do you do if a landlord or property manager won't allow your dog unless you promise there won't be a single sign of your furry friend after you leave? If your pet is well-behaved, then you are safe to make this promise as long as you take the necessary precautions to control the usual troubles like scratched floors, dog-smell, and shedding into the carpets. Here's your 101 on how to be a responsible tenant and keep your landlord and property manager happy with your whisper-quiet canine companion.

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How to Handle Difficult Roommates When Leasing a Rental Home

Monday, August 07, 2017 - 11:00AM

Just as the honeymoon period ends with so many types of relationships, roommates can often irritate one another. But what do you do when one roommate violates the terms of the lease or causes you undue stress? In some cases, you can work out disputes such as who cleans the kitchen or why a roommate left her clothes in the washer. In other situations, your property management company helps you enforce a lease issue. Of course, if your personal safety is at stake, always contact the authorities or lawyers for legal protection.

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